Fixed Income

Whatever your goals or objectives, VM Wealth Management has a fixed income solution to enable you to create and preserve wealth.


Tax Free Investment

Have big plans for your future? Want to maximize your returns and save on taxes? The VM Tax Relief Repo is the investment solution to help you achieve those plans. It is a five year investment account that is ideal for meeting your medium-to-long-term objectives such as buying a home or paying for your child's university education.

With VM Tax Relief:

  • Invest from $500,000 up to J$1 Million in a calendar year
  • Earn tax-free interest on investments held for 5 years
  • Interest is paid semi-annually
  • Have the flexibility to withdraw up to 75% of the interest you earn semi-annually
  • Experience safety, competitive returns and tax advantages all in one product
  • Your investment is backed by the Government of Jamaica

So whether you are investing your lump sum earnings or are looking for an opportunity to supplement your pension reserves, let us guide you on the path to achieving your goals.

*Product features may change from time to time without notice and products are subject to availability.
Taxation laws are subject to change from time to time without notice

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