Fixed Income

Whatever your goals or objectives, VM Wealth Management has a fixed income solution to enable you to create and preserve wealth.

Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) - 30-Day Certificates of Deposit

Do you want liquidity and security? If you are in the market for short-term highly liquid and secure investment instruments then your VM Wealth Advisor may recommend BOJ 30-Day Certificates of Deposit (CD).

As a CD holder you own the instruments outright so you can transfer to other institutions. You are restricted from drawing funds on demand as your investment is locked in for the selected period, however the instrument can be resold to your broker at a negotiable price.

BOJ Certificates of Deposit:

  • entitle you to a fixed interest rate
  • have a maturity period of 30-days and are therefore highly liquid

Available in Jamaican dollars. Minimum investment J$1 Million, subject to change.

Product features may change from time to time without notice and products are subject to availability.

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