Asset Management

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Managed Portfolio

Tap into one of our sophisticated and customized financial strategies. VM Wealth offers a wide array of managed portfolio solutions and investment advisory services to high-net-worth clients. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) are also offered through the Victoria Mutual Group affiliated company Prime Asset Management Limited. Please note that IRAs are only available to individuals who are not members of a pension plan.

We will develop a customized strategy designed to help you achieve, manage and preserve your wealth and which takes every aspect of your financial life into account.

Take Advantage of:

  • Partnership with a dedicated VM Wealth Portfolio Manager who will take the time to understand your current financial situation, lifestyle goals, time horizon and long-term objectives
  • Applied expertise and experience in finding the appropriate solution to help you achieve your goals
  • Proactive and frequent monitoring of your portfolio to ensure it is performing in line with your objectives and making changes as the need arises
  • Access to in-depth and accurate market research
  • Minimization of any risks, or helping you to understand those risks

Additionally, we will take account of relevant developments relating to your investment portfolio, such as changes to taxation and other rules as well as the introduction of new investment opportunities.

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