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To optimize the wealth of our customers and safeguard their financial well-being, through careful personal evaluation and expert analysis of prevailing market and economic conditions.

Board of Directors

VM Wealth Management Limited is lead by a highly experienced and prudent Board of Directors with extensive experience and proven track record on Financial Management, Risk Management and Wealth Creation.


Michael A. McMorris, B.A., Chairman

Mr. McMorris has been a member of the Board for over five years. He is Principal of the business management firm KRONOS Limited. KRONOS specializes in new venture development and private equity, and includes among its areas of expertise...

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George Dougall, M.B.A., B. Sc.

Mr. Dougall is an Electrical Engineer, who is currently the proprietor and Managing Director of Dougall Flooring Ltd., a woodwork manufacturing organization. His previous engagements included the Managing Directorship...

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Phillip Silvera

Phillip G. Silvera, FCCA, FCA

Mr. Phillip Silvera has served as a member of the VM Wealth Board of Directors since 1994. He is a long standing member of the Victoria Mutual Family and is a former Executive Vice-President of The Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS)...

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Richard M. Powell, B.A. (Hons.)

Mr. Richard M. Powell is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AP Capital Partners (APCP), a leading middle-market private equity firm. APCP's portfolio companies have grown to generate revenues of approximately $1 billion and employment...

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SANDRA M. SHIRLEY, M.B.A., B Sc. (Hons.)

Sandra M. Shirley, M.B.A., B Sc. (Hons.)

Ms. Sandra Shirley joins the Board with extensive experience spanning over 20 years in wealth management, trust banking, strategic planning and implementation in the United States and the Caribbean. Ms. Shirley is...

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Matthew Wright, M. Phil., M.A., B.A.

Mr. Matthew Wright is the Principal of IWC Capital Management LLC, a New York based private equity firm specializing in multi-family residential and commercial real estate investments in New York City. Mr. Wright has over 13 years...

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Noel Hann, JD, F.A.I.A., M.C.M.I.

Noel Hann, JD, F.A.I.A., M.C.M.I.

Mr. Hann joined the VMBS family in 1976 and served the Society for over 30 years in areas including Accounting, Finance, Investments, Pension Fund Administration, and Foreign Currency Trading. He retired 2010 as Senior Vice President, Group Risk and Compliance...

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Courtney Campbell, MBA. (Distinction), ACIB., B.Sc., JP
President and Chief Executive Officer

Courtney Campbell, MBA. (Distinction), ACIB., B.Sc., JP President and Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished and dynamic banking executive with over two decades of strategic leadership experience and a strong track record in business growth and improving general business performance...

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Janice Mckenley, FCCA., F.C.A., MBA (Hons)

Janice Mckenley, FCCA., F.C.A., MBA (Hons)

Mrs. Janice McKenley joined Victoria Mutual in July, 2007 as Senior Vice-President & Group Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for Group Shared Services which includes Financial Accounting and Control; Corporate Performance Measurement and Reporting...

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Mr. Devon Barrett, Group Chief Investment Officer & Chief Executive Officer- Victoria Mutual Wealth Management

Mr. Devon Barrett, MBA, BSc Group Chief Investment Officer & Chief Executive Officer- Victoria Mutual Wealth Management

A strategic and visionary leader, Mr. Devon Barrett has been with the Victoria Mutual Family since March 2008. On September 1, 2016 Mr. Barrett assumed the role of Group Chief Investment Officer...

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