About VM Wealth Management


To optimize the wealth of our customers and safeguard their financial well-being, through careful personal evaluation and expert analysis of prevailing market and economic conditions.


About Us

Victoria Mutual Wealth Management Limited (VM Wealth) is one of Jamaica's premier providers of wealth management services, securities trading and sales, investment advisory services and corporate solutions.

As a wholly–owned subsidiary of the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), VM Wealth is built on over 130 years of strong, prudent financial management and a reputation of excellence in providing financial solutions for Jamaicans and Caribbean nationals all over the world.

VM Wealth:

  • Is proud to conduct our business based on seven unwavering core values: Flexibility, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Respect, Excellence and Enthusiasm
  • Works with our clients as partners, safe guarding their financial well-being, guiding them and offering customized investment solutions that deliver solid results through our team of knowledgeable and trusted advisors
  • Diligently applies up-to-date, in-depth research, market analysis and insight, allowing our clients to take advantage of investment opportunities based on their risk tolerance and investment goals.

VM Wealth has been a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange since 1994 and operates as a Licensed Securities Dealer.


Business Continuity Planning Disclosure Statement

VM Wealth is committed to protecting its employees, clients and their assets at all times. As part of this commitment, and in compliance with our regulatory bodies, the organization maintains a business continuity plan (the Plan). The Plan provides for sustainable operating environments during any crisis/incident or major business interruption that adversely impacts the organization's ability to conduct business.


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